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12 Point Success Assessment
Where Is Your Business?

What We Do

Our free 12 point business success assessment shows where you stand for available funding, lender compliance, becoming bankable, business credit, local directory rankings, search engine placement, customer star ratings, social media exposure and it provides a comprehensive funding range report.

Available Funding

First, we fund your business by showing you the programs available now, what your funding ranges are, and what needs to be optimized to obtain more funding in the near future.

Complete & Optimize

Next, we work with you to complete and optimize all 12 of the key success elements listed below to increase your fundability, customer traffic, revenue, profit, and digital footprint.

Earnings & Valuation

Then, we provide measurable goals to help your business to increase its owner's earnings so that the value of your business will be maximized if and when you elect to exit by selling.

What It Does

Breaking the business success assessment down by its components

Success Assessment

12 Critical Business Items

Working Capital

What's Available Now

Become Bankable

Meet Lender's Needs

Local & SEO

Where Are You Now?

Customer Relations

Reviews & Star Ratings

Social Media

How Are You Doing?

What Path Are You On?

Small business owners are on ONE of three paths.

  • Bridge Is Out

    Bridge Is Out

    50% of businesses don't make it past 5 years. This can lead to a loss of personal savings, credit, assets, relationships, and more.

  • Path To Nowhere

    To Nowhere

    90% of small business owners end up only creating a long hour low paying job where they work in the business not on it.

  • Path To Success

    Success Path

    This path creates a revenue generating business worth $500,000 or more upon exit and an excellent quality of life while owned.

12 Key Success Elements

Our free assessment scans for each success element, shows your results now, and provides a step-by-step guide how to complete and optimize each one.

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Getting Started

Completing the free success assessment:

Provides reports of where you are
What to complete, correct or fix
Guides you to the success path