The Fundability Business Finance and Credit System

Support Your Community


Seeking Up To 300 Community Relationship Managers

Join our mission of educating, empowering, and accelerating every business in America is obtained by freely giving each business our exceptional Business Finance and Credit system, called Fundability.

Are you passionate about small business, adding value to, and educating others? Are you an ambassador or volunteer with your local chamber of commerce and/or other business support organizations? Do you advocate for your local business community? Are you a civic leader? If you are shaking your head yes to some of these questions, please read on, we have you in mind and would like to connect today!
We are seeking Community Relationship Managers to serve as what we call Community Success Ambassadors (CSA). Watch the Community Success Network Video to learn more about the CSN/CSA Relationship Management opportunity. has developed a unique business finance and credit software system that allows business owners to optimize their business and personal credit, know exactly how to pre-qualify for business funding, and then provides them access to the approval guidelines of over 4,000 business lenders and more than 3,000 vendor lines of credit.

The system is free to all business owners!!! Your job will be to simply give it away. To do that, we have built what we refer to as Community Success Networks (CSN). Each network contains a minimum of 75,000 existing businesses and a history of at least 7,500 new businesses started annually.

Each Community Success Ambassador - Watch CSA Video - is provided with marketing assistance to engage their CSN area Contributors to get the word out to every business within their CSN that those businesses have already been issued a free User ID and Password to the system. All the business owner needs to do to use the system is log in.

We have built databases of what we call Community Success Contributors (CSC). These Contributors are every; Chamber of Commerce, Economic Development Commission, Small Business Development Center, Business Incubator, Business Accelerator, Business Trade Association, and Business Lender and Credit Provider in the Country. Community banks and credit unions included. Each of these Contributors is dedicated to helping small businesses start, grow, and succeed in their communities.

Each CSN consists of a minimum population base of 500,000 containing at least 75,000 existing businesses and having at least 7,500 new businesses formed in the last 12 months. With the Ambassador's guidance, the Contributors will provide system User IDs and Passwords to all businesses in their communities as part of their core service to those businesses.

Once your efforts cause a business owner to log in, your job is done. From there we have teams of professionals to support those businesses. The Concierge Team will welcome them to the system and answer any questions they have. The Coaching Team will hold their hands through the process. The Funding Team will guide them to the best programs for their business needs and see them through successful funding.

As a Community Success Ambassador you are compensated for each action inside the system that businesses within your network take. There are about 20 different actions they can take that will earn money for you before they get funded and then you are compensated on funding as well. Compensation is 15% of whatever revenue is earned from the businesses within your network.

We only have 300 CSA positions available to cover the entire United States.

Benefits of Being a CSA
Mandatory Requirements
Detailed business plan to operate your CSA within your CSN. General understanding of business finance and credit.
Work in conjunction with other employment or business operations. Local Chamber of Commerce relationships.
Flexible schedule, setting your own hours with no weekend work. Reputation of respect and integrity (References).
Relationship management software & marketing databases. Financially stable, good to excellent personal credit.
Support, training and on-going mentoring program to implement. Background check performed - no criminal records.

To Express Interest, Please Take These Steps:

1) Have the personality type that enjoys meeting and talking to groups frequently.
2) Confirm that you meet the mandatory requirements as they are listed above.
3) Be driven to earn a 6 figure income by making sure the minimum goals are being met.
4) Review this site to gain an understanding of who we are, what we do, and the CSA role.
5) Create 3 Bullet points that indicate why you would be a good fit for this role.
6) Submit your 3 Bullet points on the form below. We will respond in 1 business day.