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The Most Common Private Label Questions & Answers



How Does The Private Label Revenue Share Work?

Your Private Label Business Finance & Credit Educational System revenue sharing is simple and easy to calculate. All service and program providers in your private label have agreed to a 35% success based payment to Fundability on whatever that service or program cost is to the system member. Therefore if the system user is charged $100 for a service or program then you know that Fundability will be receiving $35 of that. For a direct private label the revenue share is 30% of whatever funds Fundability collects on your system members. Or for this example $10.50 would be coming to you. The same is true for all recurring monthly payment services and programs where the system member is paying the provider on a monthly basis and thereby receiving a reporting business credit trade-line. There too you would share in 30% of whatever Fundability receives on those payment streams which you know to be 35% of that payment. An example of what your private label revenue is here Private Label Revenue Sharing.


Where Are All The Private Label Services, Features, And Costs Itemized?

We have prepared a document detailing all your Private Label services, features, and costs. You can access it through the link below, but we encourage you to speak with us so that we can go through the features and benefits of each one and how they individually and collectively make you money. We also want to show you the full impact of each one on your business success and the success of your referral agents. Private Label Business In A Box Document.


Can You Explain More About What The Businesses In Our System Will Get?

They will receive the most up to date and best business finance and credit education. The best way for you to learn more about that is to watch this short video. What Your Private Label Does


Can You Give Us A Quick Summary On How We Make Money?

The very best way for you to get the full picture of how your private label will earn you a large amount of recurring revenue is to watch this short video and then call us to ge over the details. Watch The Private Label Making Money Video


What Are These Business Records We get Each Month

Fundability has many data provider partners that give us access to the records of 19.6 million existing small businesses and approximately 350,000 newly filed small businesses each month. That data comes in from over 2,300 sources that are every; city, county, state, and federal office in the country. If they file a; business license, partnership, DBA, incorporation, LLC, or new business phone service we normally have that record within 24 hours of it being filed. Therefore, as a private label, you can support as many referral agents as you elect to bring on. Imagine being able to recruit and support any number of very successful referral agents. Private Label Referral Agent Recruiting


How Can The Data Be Accessed For Our Own Marketing?

One great feature about your private label is that data will get appended to all your business records and you have full access to it at all times. You can download your complete data file which will contain all your business records and all the data that has been appended to those records which tends to be substantial. If only 5% engage your private label will create a very large recurring revenue stream for you.


What are advantages of FundAbility versus CreditSuite?

Click the link below and you judge for yourself.
CreditSuite versus FundAbility.

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