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Our Growth & Development

The Fundability private label business finance & credit system has been created and refined over a period of 20 years. The process began in 1996 with the simple idea of building a software program for businesses to use to find the capital they needed to start, grow, and succeed. Today, we have more than a software program. We have a system that educates small business owners and incorporates live support teams. We are strengthening communities one small business at a time.

In 1996 our founder, Corey Pierce, owned a business finance brokerage company that assisted businesses in Southern California to be funded. His company had a small database of about 300 funding sources, along with the approval requirements for each source. That small database was the key source for closing funding transactions. The initial idea for the website was to put that database online and charge businesses to access it. In Q4 of 1996 was launched. Over the next 10 years the database grew into over 4,000 funding sources, along with their approval guidelines. As the business grew, the idea changed to allowing business owners to search it for free and match all the funding sources they needed.

By 2004 it became apparent that was only serving a small part of the need of businesses in search of capital. The software told business owners which funding sources offered the type of financing they needed, but they still did not know what was required to be approved. "The Business Finance Coach" was developed to educate business owners. was released. This version of the software focused on just the business credit side of the equation and ignored all other factors. It served as a great business credit building tool but it still lacked the complete focus.

The Business Finance Coaching System was sold to business owners for a one-time fee with about 100 enrollments a month. By 2007 had over 150,000 unique visitors monthly with over 10,000 completed "Capital Searches" per month. The company was sold to a public company but retained the rights to the "Coach" after the sale of

In late 2008, after the crash of banks and financial institutions, there was almost no market for business finance matching and/or coaching. Nearly every business lender in the country had stopped making new loans and were focused solely on saving the lending portfolios they had outstanding.

In 2010 the business lending markets started to recover. It was time to develop a new product and new version of the software. The concept now was to combine the best aspects of the business capital search engine and the step-by-step instructional credit building system, "the coach". The systems were redesigned and integrated. A white label (or private label) version was developed. The business model evoled into selling the private labels and charging a fee for each license seat they issued to the software. 173 private labels were sold. At its peak, over 1,000 license seats were sold by private labels each month. The model still required the system to be sold to the small business owners. The difference was now the company sold to private labels and the private label marked up the price to sell to small business owners.

Software Platform Sales

In 2012 an improved version of the software was released. We realized that had been over built. While it contained a wide array of features that are necessary, most small business owners simply would not invest the time to use those features so they went unused. We scaled the system back to just the four critical components of finding and securing funding. This was a success with the businesses who were using the software. However, we still had far too many business owners that we were not able to educate and assist simply because they had to make a buying decision before they could use the software. The private label model was still in operation but because it required the private labels to pay for license seats, that they resold to small business owners, this "license fee" model made it difficult to produce a large volume of small business users. Therefore in 2012 a number of bulk software sales were made to organizations who wanted to use it to Build Business Credit for their clients. Five of these licenses were sold for approximately $100,000 each with some of these Credit Suites still in use today.

In 2016 we launched, which now is much more than a software program. It's a system. The Fundability system takes into account 21 years of learning what works in assisting small business owners to achieve and maintain credit worthiness and thereby have access to financing. We've learned the tolerances small businesses owners have and what support they need in order to complete the system successfully.

The system now factors in:
Lender Compliance - tracking what funding sources use in their approval algorithms.
Business Credit - what funding sources key off of from business credit reports and how to optimize.
Personal Credit - the unique factors, aside from scores, that business funding sources look for in personal credit reports.
Business Lenders - maintaining an accurate database of over 4,000 business lenders and their programs.
Vendor Credit - access to 3,000+ vendors who grant credit lines for products and services and report to the business credit agencies.

Success based recurring revenue rather than upfront fees

The key to Fundability's success is that every aspect of the system is success based. There are no license fees for the private labels to pay, therefore, the private labels do not charge the small business owners to become Users of the system. There is nothing being pushed at the Users to purchase. We are educating small business owners about what they must do, and must complete, in order to achieve and maintain the Fundability of their business.

To assist, the Users have a Concierge Call team welcoming them into the system, a Business Coaching team to help them make progress and reach their goals faster, a Funding Advisor team to answer any funding program questions they have and make sure they are pre-qualified for the funding program they desire. All of this is done by simply providing them with the education of what they must do to gain and maintain Fundability.

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