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Community Success Ambassadors (CSA) - Watch CSA Video

Community Success Ambassadors are professionals who lead the way in building Community Success Networks and fully engaging their Community Success Contributors to support their community businesses.

Each Community Success Network contains many strong civic outreach groups such as Chambers of Commerce, Business Incubators, Small Business Development Centers, and business meetup group organizers.

The Ambassador's role is to bring together the network support groups within their CSN in such a way as to have all businesses within the CSN issued a User ID and Password to the system. The goal is to have every business become an active user of the system thereby strengthening those businesses and creating jobs within their community.

75,000 Existing Businesses & 7,500 New Businesses Started Each Year

Each CSN is built around an existing Metropolitan Statistical Area whose base population is at least 500,000. Inside each CSN there are also at least 75,000 existing businesses with a minimum 7,500 new businesses being formed or starting up each year. The data on all these existing businesses is provided to the Ambassador to work with Community Success Contributors to the the word out and get a User ID and Password in the hands of each of those existing businesses. Daily data is also provided to the Ambassador on every new business formed within their Community Success Network.

The Ambassador's task is to actively engage every support player within their CSN. The Chambers of Commerce are a focal point as the central distributor to businesses for access to the system. A private label has already been setup for all 8,000 Chambers in the United States, ready for the Ambassador to introduce them to their own Fundability private label system.

Armed with the records of all existing businesses and all newly filed businesses, the Ambassador will be able to engage their CSN support players to reach out to their community based businesses and provide those businesses with a user ID and password to their private label system.

In this way, Chambers will be supporting the businesses in their community, helping to create local jobs, and potentially creating a large base of new members for the Chamber at the same time.

Organizations such as credit unions, local banks, and vendors are normally active members of their local Chamber of Commerce. While those organizations will not want to be private labels themselves, they can refer their business customers to the Chambers' private label system.

The Chamber receives a revenue share for simply issuing User IDs and passwords to their local businesses so that those businesses can grow their Fundability and create more community based jobs. And the ambassador receives a revenue share for engaging their Community Success Contributors.

There are only 350 CSA positions available in the U.S. Be at the center of your community to promote growth, foster success, and create jobs!

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