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How Do You Sign Up For Our Private Label Program?

Calling us is your first step to determine if you are a good fit for our system. After becoming a Private Label, our Branding Department will program our system. Once that is completed, you will have a support staff dedicated to your success.

What Is The Setup Process And How Long Does It Take?

The setup is very easy. Your IT web hosting service will setup a sub-domain that will look like "http://member.Your". Then our staff will customize the look and feel of your Private Label. The process normally takes about two business days. Then you are up and running, ready to start making money and recruiting Community Success Ambassadors.

  • We believe the best use of the system is to help your clients obtain funding. Your Private Label System will provide your clients with access to over 4,000 business lenders and 3,000 vendor credit lines, while creating a large amount of recurring revenue for you.
  • Your clients need to know how important it is to separate their personal credit from their business credit. It reduces, and may eliminate, personal liability while also doubling their buying power.
  • The system is battle tested and has served more than 500,000 business clients to date. Your clients will gain great value from the system if utilized correctly. The Step-By-Step system helps build strong business credit scores the right way.
  • Upon completing all required steps and completing lender compliance, your clients will have access to thousands of lenders and vendors, supporting the growth and success of their business.

Business Finance & Credit Building

This is the original "Business Finance & Credit System". Developed in 1996 by founder Corey Pierce, the designer and architect of the system.

Designed to be a value-add to your core business. Ask yourself, "How will my clients benefit?" Do your clients ever need funding? Of course they do! Do your clients ever need vendors to supply them with products or services? Of course they do! Your Private Label provides them with access to that when they could never have found that on any search engine.

You will be helping your valuable clients succeed. Do you want them to succeed? Of course you do! Call us today to experience the system first-hand and see what your Private Label can do for you and your clients.

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