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Why Consider A Business Finance & Credit Private Label?

3. July 2016

If you own a business then you are keenly aware of the near constant need for access to working capital. For most businesses locating and securing a good source of working capital can be very difficult to locate and at times seem overwhelming to secure. If at the same time your business services or supplies small businesses then it would be in your best interests to assist your small business clients or prospects with their need to locate and secure business financing. But you don't want to be a business finance or credit broker and that is where the Business Finance & Credit System comes in.

First developed in 1996 the Business Finance & Credit System has served more than 500,000 businesses. It is a software platform that simply teaches your small business clients or prospects what they need to do to pre-qualify for business financing and then it shows them where to go get it. The system helps small business owners to optimize their business and personal credit, to position their business the way lenders want to see them, and then have access to the funding program and approval criteria of over 7,000 sources of business financing.

For you it is about providing your small business clients with a tremendous value-added service to your core business offering. You know that the better financed your small business clients are the more of your core business offerings they can use. Your Private Label is 100% self contained with nothing for you to do or maintain. You simply give your clients access and the system does the rest. The best part is that your Private Label is an excellent additional revenue stream for you while providing an extremely valuable service to your clients. Win-win.

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