The Business Finance Fundability System

Become A Business Finance Private Label Today!


Create a New Revenue Stream for Your Business Quick and easy private label setup
  • Earn thousands per month from your existing clients.
  • Provide unsecured business funding at 0% interest.
  • A complete business finance & credit building solution.
Clients Can Access Your Private Label 24/7 from almost any device
  • All client progress is monitored, tracked, and data is saved.
  • Your clients never lose their place or get ahead of themselves.
  • You are alerted to client actions or inactions in the system.
Unsurpassed Client Support Virtual coaches guide your clients step-by-step
  • Clients are shown how to qualify now and in the future.
  • Access to advisors to detail funding qualification.
  • Clients can be hand held through the funding process.

What is The Fundability System?

The Business Finance Fundability System is the most comprehensive and proven successful system for helping your business clients to increase their fundability, to have access to the largest databases of business credit providers ever developed and to be able to build, optimize, and monitor their business and personal credit all inside your Private Label.

The Business Finance Fundability System provides you with the ability to offer the highest quality and most user-friendly business finance and credit tools to your clients. In doing so, you can generate additional revenue for yourself and have a higher rate of client retention.

The Business Finance Fundability System is an ideal add-on revenue generation source if you are in a profession that touches other businesses such as; business coaches, incorporation services, registered agents, business planners, business finance brokers, etc.

To implement your Private Label site there is no software to download, nothing to install, nothing to maintain, no setup costs, and no license fees. Just excellence for your clients and revenue for you.

Private Label System

Your New Revenue Streams

1. Your clients have access to capital

The Business Finance Fundability System contains the approval and reporting guidelines of over 4,000 business lending and funding sources. Access to over 3,000 vendor lines of credit with what their products and services are, what they require to approve, and which credit agencies they report to ... if any.

2. They build business credit scores

The system is step-by-step so your clients cannot get lost or ahead of themselves. The system has a virtual video coach on every page letting your clients know what to do and why they are doing it. By following and completing the system your clients will build strong business credit scores within 120 days.

3. You get strong client retention

As your clients complete the step-by-step system, you are alerted to their progress. As they pre-qualify and apply for vendor lines of credit, business credit cards, or business funding programs you see exactly where they stand. You can elect to have the system interact with your clients or you can interact with your clients directly.

Clients Access Capital

Perfect Timing

Why is it a perfect time to offer The Business Finance Fundability System to your business clients?

  • Business owners should optimize both business and personal credit scores.

  • Nearly all businesses need access to credit and working capital.

  • You can give your clients access to thousands of business funding sources.

  • Your client relationship can become longer term and more strategic.

  • Your clients will associate you as directly tied to their success.

  • You can cross-sell your products and services as your clients have more cash.

  • Adding value for your clients and a new revenue stream for you is one call away.

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