The Fundability Business Finance and Credit System

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Business Finance & Credit System Your Private Label To Promote Success
  • Assisting businesses to start, grow, succeed and create jobs.
  • Educating and empowering business owners to aid in their success.
  • Providing free access to your business finance & credit system.

Lenders Categorize By Default Risk 90% of businesses seen as high risk
  • Lender's computers assign a default risk score.
  • Businesses are assigned high risk by default.
  • Help small businesses to be seen as low risk.

Access To Business Funding 4,000+ lenders and 3,000+ vendors
  • Businesses get a free pre-qualification assessment.
  • They know where & what they need to do next.
  • 100% opt-in for the lenders or vendors they want.

What is The Fundability System?

The Fundability Business Finance & Credit System is the most comprehensive system for helping small businesses to increase their Fundability. Small Businesses can position themselves to be categorized as "Very Low Risk" to business lenders and vendors. Then they have access to the largest databases of business lenders and credit providers ever developed ... all inside a single login.

The Fundability Business Finance & Credit System provides Private Labels with the ability to offer businesses with the highest quality and most user-friendly business finance and credit tools. In doing so, those businesses can have a higher rate of growth, success, and creating jobs.

The System is designed to be a program that gives you the ability to help every business you or your referral partners touch.

To implement your private Label of the business finance and credit system there is no software to download, nothing to install, and nothing to maintain. Your Private Label will be up and running in only a few days and earning you revenue in less than 30.

Qualified, Fundable, Bankable

1. Small businesses access funding

There are more than 20 funding programs provided by more than 4,000 business lenders inside the System. For small business owners nationwide, the System takes the guess work out of finding which lenders to deal with and what that lender requires to approve their businesses.

2. Businesses seen as "Low Risk"

The Business Finance & Credit System is a step-by-step educational process with a virtual video coach on every step letting small business owners know what to do and why they are doing it. By following and completing the System will move their businesses from being seen as "High Risk" of default to a much favorable "Low Risk" .

3. Huge earnings by helping others

All small businesses should strive to be Qualified, Fundable, and Bankable. Your Private Label helps every business to do that and not just those you can fund right now. By helping just 500 small businesses down the road to becoming Bankable your Private Label will earn you more than a million dollars in annual recurring revenue.

Become A Private Label Partner

Why is it a perfect time to become a Fundability Business Finance & Credit System Private Label?

  • To access capital, business owners need to clearly separate their business and personal credit scores.

  • All businesses need access to credit and working capital. The System teaches how to access it.

  • Giving your community access to over 4,000 business lenders and more than 3,000 vendor credit lines.

  • The business relationship can become longer term, more strategic with much more repeat business.

  • Businesses will associate the Ambassador as being directly tied to their growth and funding success.

  • Providing smalll businesses within the community with the tools they need to startup, succeed, and create jobs.

  • Bringing Community Success Contributors together to help each other and serve their communities.

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